We help cancer survivors pay for transformative tattoos to turn their scars into art.

Art from Scar's mission: to provide grants to breast cancer survivors for mastectomy, reconstruction or 3D areola/nipple repigmentation tattoos.

Why tattoos?

Whether it's an expertly shaded circle on a reconstructed breast or an elaborate design on the chest, tattoos can serve as an empowering end to a downright brutal series of treatments.

A tattoo can help a survivor emotionally heal - and make them feel even more beautiful when they look in the mirror. But they're often a luxury many survivors can't afford. 

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Good question!

Art from Scars™ is a North Carolina non-profit corporation founded by Petrina Hamm, a breast cancer survivor and tattoo enthusiast. 

After learning that not all insurance providers covered the cost of 3D nipple tattoos (shame on them!) and while planning her own decorative mastectomy tattoo, she decided to start a charity to help other survivors get their own life changing, cancer ass kicking tattoos. 

Cancer treatment leaves far too many in a mountain of debt- and these tattoos are out of their reach financially. There's a need there and AFS is poised to fill it.

Thanks to the kindness and support of dozens of Founding Sponsors, Art from Scars™ was born in 2018. 


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